Success Rate

Fertility clinics use different methods to measure their success and there are many different factors at play. When comparing the success rates of fertility clinics it is important to ensure you are comparing data that has been calculated using the same criteria.

It all depends on

  • The stage of the procedure that the couple reaches.
  • Maternal age
  • Various other factors that will affect outcome.

Success rates can be misunderstood and misleading when used to compare clinics. Better idea of a clinic's success rates in comparison to other clinics can be made by examining the pregnancy rates for all stages of treatment.

Important points to consider are:

  • Most important is the "live-birth" rate per cycle or ongoing pregnancy rate. This will tell you how many women give birth to a baby based on the number of women who started treatment. This will give you an idea of the actual success rate of the clinic.
  • Data should be broken down by age and diagnosis, so that you can easily compare the statistics to your own circumstances.
  • Yearly data will also illustrate the quality and stability of the clinic's program. Consistent data will reveal the true quality of the clinic you are considering.
  • Most recent statistics for your age group and diagnosis and this should be based on live birth rate or ongoing pregnancy per initiated cycle.

Why Ssmile IVF

At Ssmile IVF we have one of the highest pregnancy rates in the country. This is because we pay attention to details including, medical treatments optimizing stimulation of oocytes and implantation of embryos. Because IVF success is dependent on any and every step from handling of eggs to temperature and gas mix control, to handling of embryos. The embryology laboratory is crucial in achieving success. Results should be interpreted in view of the baseline pregnancy chance per cycle.